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4th July 2009, 02:12 PM
The Soulis family of the Scottish Borders are sometimes refered to as Soules/Sules/Sule. After looking at their history for a few years, seeing the lands and power that they held, I keep coming back to the idea that they were the true Earls of March. They controlled lands from Berwick to the Solway and even the name Solway may (I think) originate from Sulewad/Sulewath/Sulepath/Suleway.

Cross the sea to Ireland and find Dundalk. William Soules was made Governor of Dundalk by Edward Bruce. When Edward died in Ireland, William was given John (his brother) Soulis's lands of Kirkandrews, Torthorwald and more. These lands were around the Dumfries/Carlisle area of the Solway. He was also made Butler of Scotland, a Soulis hereditary position, so I'm wondering if John had been Butler. Two years later William signed the Declaration of Arbroath. Within three months he was charged with treason and sentenced to life imprisonment, for plotting to take the throne.

The Isle of Man (sitting between England and Ireland) has a settlement named Sulby.

A large section of the west coast of England was at the time held by the Mulcaster family (Barrv of 6, argent and gules). Thomas Soulis was married to Alicia Mulcaster of Giffen, Ayrshire. In 1314, Alice claimed the lands of Stamfordham as widow to Thomas.

Ermengard Soulis was married to Patrick Dunbar, Earl of March

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5th July 2009, 12:27 PM
Sir Nicholas Soulis, was one of the unsuccessful claimants to the throne in 1292 tracing his decent from an illegitimate half sister of Alexander III. He died in 1296-7. He had at least three sons: Thomas; thought to have died in an English prison as a rebel around 1304, John and William.

Black Parliament
Black Parliament was held at Scone on 4 August 1320 to try conspirators who had intended to put Sir William Soulis on the throne of Scotland in place of the Bruce. Seized at Berwick shortly after the signing of the Letter of Arbroath, he immediately confessed and was imprisoned for life along with his aunt, Agnes Comyn, Countess of Strathearn.
Was he allowed to live because of his bloodline which had to be protected?

Ermengarde Soulis, William's daughter, was the 1st wife (ca 1304) of Patrick Dunbar and they had at least two sons: Patrick and John. When did Dunbar 1st call themselves Earls of March?
Patrick married 2ndly (ca 1321) (Black) Agnes Randolph.

3rd August 2009, 11:57 AM
In the beginning of the 14th century, Patrick Dunbar was named Earl of March but was not William Soulis the true Earl of March? Looking at the lands owned by the family, they held much of the borderlands of Scotland from Berwick to Sulewath/Solway. In fact, seeing as William was made Governor of Dunkeld in Ireland (1318), their borderlands stretched even further.