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9th October 2012, 11:19 AM
I am looking into the family history of my wife's maternal ancestors. I'm particularly interested in the siblings of Albert Henry Sole born 5th August 1908 especially William James Sole born 12th October 1904. According to family legend he was in trouble with the law but little is know beyond that. There also seems to be a mystery around their grandfather James Sole born around 1846 in Woodnesborough. He married a Martha Louisa Austin on 23 November 1870. I cannot find them on the 1871 census, however Martha seems to be missing or dead by 1881 as she is not listed with James who seems to have now called himself Thomas. By 1891 he is calling himself James again and married to a Caroline M. I cannot find a death for Martha nor a marriage for James and Caroline. I did find a banns of marriage between James Sole and Caroline Maria Clack in April 1891. Looking at the 1881 census there is Caroline Clack or Clark living in the same building, possibly the same Caroline? Any help I can get would be great.


Bob Sheldon
9th October 2012, 01:47 PM
Hello Andy

I am the former name co-ordinator for the south east counties and I am
currently in the process of transferring my section of our database to my
colleague Maureen Storey. But as I still have the Kent records I am making
this provisional reply to your query.

The mystery of James SOLE and his apparent two wives is well known to us
and so far we have not been able to solve the problem.

It would appear that James's first wife Martha died before 1881 but no
record has yet been found. James (recorded as Thomas) appeared in the 1881
census with his four children living at 17 Bird St, St Geo in the East,
London. Interestingly at the same address, but a different household, was
a Caroline Clark (aged 24) who was born at St George, Middlesex. Did
James/Thomas subsequently marry her?

In 1882 the four children were baptised at St Peter's church, London Docks
and again their father is listed as Thomas, and for the daughter Louisa
only, her mother is recorded as Louisa Martha.

By the 1891 census James (this time listed as James) would appear to have
married a Caroline (no record has yet been found) and was living with her
and three of his children at 5 Old Tower Buildings, Wapping.

I regret that this does not tell you anything that you have not already
discovered for yourself. It is one of the many mysteries that we discover
in family history research; some we are able to resolve and some remain
mysteries. We have other members of this Society who are distant cousins
of James and his children and you also appear to be one. You will be
contacted shortly my Maureen and we would be interested to know how you are
connected with the family.

Best wishes

Bob Sheldon