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27th February 2022, 08:19 PM
Dear All
Having all but retired this year, I am back to interests drowned out by work for decades, including family history.
The flowering and then extinction of Langham Sewells includes my ancestor, Hannah Sewell, mother of Christopher Williamson Sewell, no father mentioned so illegitimate, and likely son of the eponymous CW.
CWS interacts with other Sewells of his generation, signing marriage certificates etc, so appears likely one of the kinship group.
Most trees on Ancestry etc associate Hannah with the baptism in 1759 of a Hannah, daughter of John, one of his prolific offspring, who are born and then often die young. A Hannah Sewell aged 55 dies in 1815, no husband mentioned.
There isn't another Hannah born at the correct time in the parish.
The trouble is the Bishop's Transcript for 1760 records the death of Hannah, d. of John.
The Parish Register isn't legible in its photographed form.

Before I spend time [not that I haven't got that now] trying to get access to the original PR, and casting my net around for another possible origin for HS mother of CWS, has anyone of the Langham Sewell diaspora already barked up this particular tree, please!

28th February 2022, 05:42 PM
Hi Nigel,

As luck would have it one of out new members is part of that tree and I myself have done a lot of work on building the RUTlanA tree and the others tha appeared in Rutland.

Unfortunately I have not retired so I have not spent as much time as I would have liked in filling out the tree, it has a particularly suspect few starting generations which need to be cleared up. Please contact me direct and I will introduce you to Anna and we can see what we can do to bring completion to the Rutland Sewell's.

Ian Sewell
Sewell Coordinator

28th February 2022, 06:29 PM
Dear Ian,

Thank you. Are you still on the virginmedia email address please.
Also, I presume the RUTlanA refers to a database file, can you tell me which database if that is correct, please.


Nigel Sewell ["Sewells of Istead Rise 1.11.11" on Ancestry, public tree, DNA profile on record]