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Sarah Sewell
23rd April 2006, 04:21 PM
I am researching my husband's family history and have found the following info from Ancestry.co.uk.

I wondered if anyone has any connections in their research?

This is what I have so far...

1901 census - living in Norwich, Norfolk
William Drake Sewell (husband's great grandfather) b abt 1875 Ipswich - head
Alice M M Sewell b abt 1873 Norwich - wife
William A V Sewell (husband's grandfather) b abt 1901 Norwich - son
(we know that his mother died within a couple of years of him being born and that he was adopted/looked after by a family called Barker from Norwich. He may also have spent a short time in an orphanage)

1891 census - living in St Benedict, Norfolk
Ann Sewell b abt 1846 Kintbury Berks - head (married)
Frank Sewell b abt 1869 E Gravesend, Kent - son Plumber & Glazier
Laura Jane Sewell b abt 1872 Norwich - Daughter Housekeeper
William D Sewell b abt 1873 Ipswich - son Butcher's assistant
Henry E Sewell b abt 1875 Harwich, Essex - son Farm Labourer

also 1891 census - living in St Benedict, Cambs
George Sewell b abt 1851 Cromer, Norfolk - lodger
(although the birth date appears wrong I feel this may well be Ann Sewell's husband. This George was also a stonemason)

1881 census - Living Chesterton, cambs
Ann Sewell b abt 1844 Kentbury, Berks - wife
George Sewell b abt 1843 Cromer, Norfolk - head (stonemason)
Frank Sewell b abt 1869 Gravesend, Kent - son scholar
Laura Jane Sewell b abt 1871 Norwich - Daughter scholar
William D Sewell b abt 1873 Ipswich - son scholar
Henry E Sewell b abt 1875 Walton, Suffolk- son scholar
George M Sewell b abt 1881 Chesterton, cambs - son

1871 census - Living Heigham, Norfolk (nb - they are transcribed as Jewell)
Ann Jewell b abt 1844 Berkshire - Head (married)
Frank Jewell b abt 1869 Gravesend, Kent - son
Laura James Jewell b abt 1870 Norwich - dau
Agnes Smith b abt 1858 Norwich - visitor

1861 census - I can't find any of the family. I have tried various searches using different spelling etc but no luck

I then have a George Sewell b abt 1843 Cromer Norfolk living in Lakenham Norwich, norfolk on 1851 census. He is living in Norwich Lakenham, Norfolk with the following people (some of which I think have had their names transcribed incorrectly, although I can't tell what the original said either)
Lord Sewell b abt 1783 Sotterton, Norfolk - Head (occupation possibly accountant. I think it says 'W' for widower)
Lord Sewell b abt 1810 Folmingham, Norfolk - daughter (also poss accountant and unmarried)
Jane Sewell b abt 1815 Thorpe Mkt, Norfolk - dau (poss Market 'something'. Unmarried)
Sarah S Sewell b abt 1826 Morley St Peter, Norfolk - dau (poss Shop Maid. Unmarried)
George Sewell b abt 1843 Cromer, Norfolk - son scholar
Fredric Sewell (although I think his surname may be 'Drake') b abt 1829 Skingwold, Kent - visiter (Joiner)

Any further info/tips etc would be most gratefully recieved.

Kind regards
Sarah Sewell

9th April 2014, 10:56 PM
Hi - my name is Richard Jones. And I realise that this post is a few years old, but I thought I would try.

My mother was Rita Mary Sewell and my mothers father was William F Sewell. William F. Sewell's father was Frank Sewell who I believe is the brother of William Drake Sewell. I have this information in a file but unfortunately I have not figured out how to make the attach feature work on this bulletin board.

Also, Lord Sewell was actually (I think) "Lora Sewell", or nee "Laura Cooper" - who married a John Sewell in 1808. They had a daughter who was also called Lora.

I have most of this documented - assuming it is right on Ancestry.com


I would love to hear of your research and others on the Norfolk Sewells.