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Thread: New Users - Read This

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    Default Important Information - Please Read!

    Please register on the forum, otherwise you will not be able to post messages, exchange information or see links. There is a 2 stage verification process for new members: Firstly you will receive an instant email to check that your email address is valid - click on the link in the email message to complete this, and Secondly, I manually check all new members to ensure that they are genuine researchers. Sorry that we cannot give instant membership. The 2 stage process stops spammers posting unwanted messages in the forum. The whole process is usually completed in less than 24 hours, so please be patient. If you have any difficulties registering, please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.

    To Navigate around the forum click on the various headings. If you get lost, click on the underlined link 'The Sole Society Discussion Forum' at the very top left of every page, and this will take you back to the home page. The Menu Buttons (for example Members List) are towards the top of the page.

    A Thread is a subject heading and a series of subsequent messages. You can start a New Thread at any time.

    A Post is simply a reply to an existing thread. This is the best way to respond to threads, so that other users can follow the discussion.

    Before starting a New Thread use the Search button towards the top of the page to check whether the names or places (e.g. "Thomas Soul" or "Rustington") have already been mentioned in earlier postings. When starting a new Thread, include the name being researched and the location whenever possible. This will help others to connect with you.

    Click on 'Members List' towards the top of the page to find others with your interests. After you have Registered, you can add details of your research locations to your membership profile, for the benefit of other members looking to make contact.

    Further Help information can be found by clicking on FAQ (frequently asked questions) towards the top of the screen.

    We prefer that you post public messages to other members so that others can also share the information. If necessary, you can contact other members via the Surname Co-ordinator's listed on THIS page

    This Forum is hosted by The Sole Society for the exchange of information relating to the surnames we research.

    You do not have to be a member of the Sole Society to participate in this forum but please visit our web site to find out about the benefits of joining the society.

    Click this link to visit our web site: The Sole Society

    The individual name forums are moderated by the Society's surname co-ordinator's who have substantial amounts of research information available.

    Finally, it is advisable NOT to use your email address in public message postings as these can be picked up and you will be hit with large numbers of unwanted messages from undesirable sources!
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