We have received the following message from Ray Harlow, Curator of the Guildhall Museum, Cattle Market, Sandwich, who has seen some of the questions raised in Journal articles about the dates for Richard Solly whose portrait hangs in the Guildhall:

There were several people called Richard Solly who lived in Sandwich at the same time. It is sometimes impossible to know which is which. Two were Freemen of Sandwich and also Mayors of Sandwich.

Richard Solly was admitted as a Freeman in 1680, although in which category is not known. He was a Jurat of the town and Mayor in 1710, 1718, 1728, 1736, 1749 and Speaker of the Cinque Ports in 1750. He had a son Richard and a daughter Mary (who married Stephen Long). Sources - Sa/AC8 p368: Boys History of Sandwich p422 : Mayors' Board in Guildhall : Hull p556.

Richard Solly (possibly the son of the above) was admitted Freeman in 1724 by Birth. He was mayor in 1778. He had a son William Henry, a stepson Richard Heaton and a daughter Anna (who married Ambrose Rose). Sources - Sa/AC8 p423 : Boys History of Sandwich p422 : Mayors' Board in Guildhall.

The burial information clearly does not relate to the Richard Solly in the portrait, but to one of the other Richard Sollys.