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Thread: Rutland & Leics Sewells

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    Default Rutland & Leics Sewells

    My direct line of Sewell ancestors is as follows:
    Lizzie Sewell born Manton 1885 (my grandmother, who moved to Manchester)
    Edward William Sewell born Edith Weston 1854
    William Sewell born Morcott 1826
    Robert Sewell born 1804 North Luffenham
    Francis Sewell born 1747 Braunston mar. Bridget Toblin nee Wilson 1799 North Luffenham
    Francis Sewell (birthdate not found) who married Mary Riley 1740 at Owston, Leics
    There is also a Francis married to Ruth Bull 1772 Lyddington
    and Francis born 1711 son of Robert Sewell at Uppingham

    I wonder if any contributor to this forum has any information on these latter two Francis Sewells which would prove (or suggest) that they are either connected or not connected to my line. I need a lead now to get me back further or possibly to find whether we might connect to Uppingham or Langham Sewells.
    I would love to hear from anyone who shares any of my Sewell ancestors, especially anyone who still lives in Rutland.
    Edward William, wife Emma and my grandmother and her siblings moved to Pickwell which is just over the border in Leicestershire and very near Owston.

    Other names mentioned by my grandmother which do not appear in my direct line are Reuben Sewell, John Taylor Sewell, John Jackson Sewell and placenames such as Stamford and Tilton on the Hill. Edward William worked as a groom in Stamford before he was married.

    Any help would be very much appreciated.

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    Default Re: Rutland & Leics Sewells

    Dear Pam,

    My descendants originally came from Langham, traced back as far as c1720. My great grandfather Frederick Sewell (1850- 1919)left Langham c1900 and bought a small farm in Egleton. He had 1 daughter and 8 sons. His 5th son was Reuben (born 1890) who later owned Brook Farm at Tilton on the Hill. During the war to get out of Coventry where we spent time at Brook farm and as a schoolboy I would cycle there for stay during the school holidavs.
    Coincidentally my grandfather John Charles Sewell (1887-1943) was married to a Lilian Grace Jones ( ? -1928) , any relation ? She died when my father was only 14 so I know very little about her. I know she had her 2 sons in Coventry but then moved back to Egleton where I think she died.
    Unfortunately I lost all my detailed research when I had a computer crash leaving me with just a tree plan which had not been updated.
    I hope this information is of help to you.


    John Sewell

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