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Thread: Selina Saul / Garwood Jaggard - looking for clues!

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    Default Selina Saul / Garwood Jaggard - looking for clues!

    Hello Saul-Mates,

    According to a chart left by my GF Robert Vincent Jaggard, his Father was Garwood Jaggard, and his Mom was the elusive Selina A Saul..... Records left by RVJ note that Selina A Saul was born in 1875, not 1843 as noted in the reference.

    I would geuss Selina might be daughter of one of the other siblings of Vincent and William Saul?

    I have a few things from William Saul's trip to India with British Forces during the seige of Cawnpore (kanpur now). Apparently there were not many to escaped that siege and a medal was found in the teak/ivory box from my moms estate commemorating this.

    Additionally, I have a locket that was said to be William Sauls that says "In Memory of" that has a lock of hair as well. written note from RVJ states that Williams Sister died while visiting in India.

    The Selina Saul mentioned in the was born in 1843, but the one on RVJs genealogical chart was 1876. Compounding, most info shows her as being born in 1857 and passing in 1947?

    Does anyone know of this Selina A. Saul, or any sisters of William that died around 1857 in India?

    FWIW, there was also a little card that read : "Camp Vincent Saul" and mentions Templar Knights? This makes my brain spin around, having only seen references in the DaVinci Code movie! Whats that connection all about!


    John Westerdale
    New Jersey, USA

    Census from 1851 in UK:

    Name Age
    John Saul 33
    Louisa Saul 13
    Selina Saul 8
    Vincent Saul 4
    William Saul 10

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    Default Re: Selina Saul / Garwood Jaggard - looking for clues!

    Thank you Garwood but I think this must be a different family from mine. There seems to be an awful lot of name duplications years ago. My Selina Saul was born and raised in Buxton. She was my maternal grandmother, married to Arthur Edward Saul of Norwich, timber merchant. His father was William Staff Saul who lived on Pottergate street in Norwich. My grandfather and grandmother are buried in Rosary cemetery in Norwich. Les Saul

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    Default Re: Selina Saul / Garwood Jaggard - looking for clues!


    Thanks for your reply!!! Names from that era were pretty similar. Lots of williams and roberts and a few johns thrown in for fun!

    I have found the course,

    William Married Sarah Apperley, and they had 3 children, while living in Boston (not to be confused with Buxton mind you!). One was Selina Saul (B1875) which was probably named after his Sister (Selina Saul b 1843) who may have died while visiting him in India?!?!

    Need a place to search the Mil.archives... Can anyone provide a clue as to how to search out William Tomkins Saul from the detachment in Cawnpore during the Mutiny of 1857? I do have a medal thats engraved on edge:

    Wm Saul, 3rd Bengal Eurp Reg

    Am learning lots from reading, but, have little history from Boston from US Census:

    1880 United States Federal Census

    Name: Selina S. Saull
    Home in 1880: Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
    Age: 5
    Estimated Birth Year: abt 1875
    Birthplace: Massachusetts
    Relation to Head of Household: Daughter
    Father's Name: William T.
    Father's birthplace: England
    Mother's Name: Sarah
    Mother's birthplace: England

    Occupation: At Home
    Marital Status: Single
    Race: White
    Gender: Female

    Household Members:
    Name Age
    William T. Saull 35
    Sarah Saull 26
    Selina S. Saull 5
    William E. Saull 3
    Ada L. Saull 10M

    My Grandfather reported Selina Saul(l) as B 1857.. but ... I Think this may be 1875 instead....

    Thoughts any one?

    John Westerdale

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    Default Re: Selina Saul / Garwood Jaggard - looking for clues!

    Hi just found part of a message while searching on line is it one you started ? Hello Saul-Mates, According to a chart left by my GF Robert Vincent Jaggard, ... Have no initials but do have a photo of her and her father. .... saul, leamington priors. Hi trying to find more info on Charles Saul his war record is logged on this site. his address is down as 24 walton street leamington, to my. ...

    Charles is from part of my tree would be interested in hearing from you.

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