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Thread: Souls from Shoreditch, Peckham, Wimbldon etc;

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    Post Souls from Shoreditch, Peckham, Wimbldon etc;

    Can any person assist me in the search for the following info please? maiden name was SOUL & I was born in Wimbledon 1946 - father Hugh Noel Lawrence B: 1911 married Ruth M E Fairbrother B:1914. His brother's :CHARLES killed WW2 -: DENNIS.. Wimbledon cabbie/:GEOFFREY ..W/Cabbie /:sister Lalley/ + HUGH my father also a cabbie.

    1) I never knew my G/Father Alexander Francis Soul B:1871 and died.. I am informed Shepherd's Bush having no known home - buried in a cemetery to know. Was a Hotelier and is in 1901 census living with his wife ..see below..

    2) My G/Mother Alexander's wife Fernanda B. 1875 (nee White) in 1901 census giving lodging to her MOTHER Marie White listed as "Swiss National" age 50 yrs - having married Fernanda's Father in Ireland Co Monahon - we cannot find him or Fernanda's birth - no clues at all - rumour says he was posted in India and married Marie for a Nursemaid to his children - maybe he had been widowed but Fernanda belonged to Marie possibly she may have had half siblings?...would love to know more about Fernanda and Marie White. It is possible that Fernanda had a Gt Aunt Sarah who was murdered.

    3)Daughter of Fernanda and Alexander was Lalley or Eileen Nee Soul married a CON SILK an Irishman -2 children Basil & Fernanda (Ander) both tragically died - Ander married a bigamist and went to live in Farnham found out and returned to her parents in Wimbledon - the shock caused her to have the baby she was expecting a little early and she and baby daughter died ( Ander aged about 21 yrs) died Nelson Hospital Wimbledon -now to her brother Basil age 15 yrs knocked off his bike under a lorry first day at work - Aunt Lallie & Uncle Con "gifted" a daughter in mid years called Andree and still living I think ...

    My Gt Grandfather Matthew Augustus Soul - 1828 married Ellen Bethell came from Shoreditch and so on...I come from this line -
    Does any of this "ring any bells for anyone?" - I am desperate to trace a snippet of info to lead me certain living members - cousins etc: or line things up in my Family Tree Site...
    Grateful of any help - hope not too muddling - I have only just joined today and it is all new to me - sorry if it is not right! I do not really understand all these "tags" etc but will learn...Thank you Hazel

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    Default Re: Souls from Shoreditch, Peckham, Wimbldon etc;

    Hello Hazel
    The Society's database contains a lot of information on your family - our tree for them currently starts with a marriage in 1737. Obviously this is too much information to post on the forum but if you contact me via contact details given on the Society's website I can let you have more details.

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