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Thread: Edmund Sole c1835

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    Default Edmund Sole c1835


    I do apologise if this lot have already been searched for,

    Edmund is at the top of my tree for the Sole family, I have no idea where he was born, or to whom he was married,

    They had a son, Albert in 1856 who married a Mary Chessel c1861, I believe from the Isle of Wight.

    They had a son, Albert in 1886 who married Eliza Day c1885. They in turn had May, Mary (my husbands grandmother), Ted, Alice and Albert.

    I have a set of War medals 1914-1919 belonging to Pte A Sole A.S.C

    I would be grateful if anyone can shed any light on any of the family.

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Edmund Sole c1835

    Hi Fran

    From the information you gave we have found your husband's family in the Sole Society's records. He is descended from one of our large Sussex families (1200 currently known persons) which we have traced back to the mid 1600s with reasonable confidence.

    As far as Edmund (also recorded as Edward and Edwin) SOLE is concerned he was born in 1824 and married Ann PORTER in 1846 at Buriton in Hampshire. They had four other children in addition to your Albert who married Mary Ann CHESSELL in 1881 in the IOW.

    Albert and Mary Ann SOLE had three children including your Albert who married Eliza Holman DAY in 1908 at Wandsworth, London.

    Albert and Eliza SOLE had the four children that you list plus George who died in infancy in 1924. We did not know about May SOLE and would be pleased to receive any more details you have of her.

    Your husband's grandmother Mary E SOLE married Benjamin R BALDOCK in 1936 at Bethnal Green and that is the extent of our current information.

    From the above you will see that your husband had many cousins and ancestors, many more than we can list here. If you would like to know more about his family then I would invite you and your husband to join the Society. Membership details may be found in our web page. Members are entitled to receive copies of our charts and detailed records.

    I look forward to hearing further from you.

    Bob Sheldon

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    Default Re: Edmund Sole c1835


    Many thanks for that. I got my information from Alice Sole, daughter of Albert and Eliza.

    Alice went on to marry Donald Sharp in 1948 and they had 1 child, Andrew who married Sue, having Christopher in 1967 and Tracey in 1965
    Mary as you say married Benjamin Baldock and they had a son, Benjamin Walter Albert, who married Brenda Lancaster. My husband is her son, from an affair she had in 1965. She has another son, Richard, married to Deborah Pearce and they have 2 daughters. Marys husband is now 100 and still going strong. We think Mary passed away in the late 1970's

    May married Harry ? they had two children, Mavis and Vera. Mavis has two children, Scott and Casey. Vera has Marie and Kelly.

    Albert did marry, a lady named Anne. and Ted married Olive and had 2 children, Eileen and Alan.

    I'm afraid Alice had not given me many surnames so I am having great fun trying to track these things down. I will talk to my husband about joining the Society.

    Strangely I have Albert and Mary having 10 children.

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    Default more on Soles as above

    Ted Sole c1918 married Olive (unknown) in Scotland

    Albert c1919 married a German lady named Ann. When Albert died she went back to Germany. I believe they married in Stowmarket.

    May married Harry NOE possibly at Bethnal Green.

    Roll on Friday, payday when I can join the Society

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