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Thread: Michael Becker SOLLEY (1857 - 1923)

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    Ian R. Guest

    Question Michael Becker SOLLEY (1857 - 1923)

    I am just starting out on a line of research which focuses on De Bert Frank Solley (born 6th August 1882 at The Grove, Shotover, Oxfordshire).
    De Bert later decided to call himself just 'Frank' and decided to emigrate to the USA in about 1902 where he eventually became a naturalised citizen.

    Frank's father Michael Becker Solley was born in 1857 at Eastry, Kent, then he and his wife Sarah Ann (nee Mitchell) appear to have moved around a few places in the south of the UK before ending up at Four Marks, Hampshire.

    Michael and Sarah are shown in the UK 1911 census as having 10 children, 8 of whom survived. By this time Frank was in the USA and was followed by a number of his siblings.

    Just wondering at this stage if anyone has already carried out any research into Michael Becker Solley, De Bert Frank Solley or other family members ?

    Many thanks,

    Ian R.

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    Ian R. Guest

    Post Re: Michael Becker SOLLEY (1857 - 1923)

    Just a little more info on the above mentioned line of the SOLLEY family.

    Michael Becker Solley of Wingham, Kent married Sarah Ann Mitchell in September 1880. She was from Walmer, Kent.
    The eight surviving children I have identified as:
    De Bert "Frank" Solley, born 1882
    Ethel Margaret Solley, born 1884
    Emily Rose Solley, born 1887
    Stanley Michael Solley, born 1889
    Archibald James Solley, born 1890
    Dorothy M Solley, born 1892
    Alexander R Solley, born 1894
    Douglas A Solley, born 1896

    I have birthplaces for the above named and they vary from Essex to Oxfordshire and Somerset.

    Sarah Ann Solley died in Hampshire in 1916 aged 58
    Michael Becker Solley died in Hampshire in 1923 aged 66
    They both 'under-stated' their ages on the 1911 census !

    De Bert "Frank" Solley went off to the USA and worked as a domestic valet for many years. I don't yet have details of his death.

    He appears to have been followed to America by Emily, Stanley, Dorothy, Alexander and Douglas !!

    Michael's daughter Ethel is thought to have continued living at Four Marks, Hampshire up until her death and she had a son - George Soles Solley who lived from 12th June 1921 until November 1989.
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    Default Re: Michael Becker SOLLEY (1857 - 1923)

    Michael Becker Solley had a sister named Rosa Goldstone Solley who married William White on 10/13/1887 in Preston, Kent, England. Her marriage certificate has her father's name written on it as "Charles Solley." It says that he was "deceased" at that time and his occupation was "Surgeon". I am a direct descendant of Michael Becker Solley and am interested in learning about him and his descendants. Do you know anything about this Charles Solley? Are you a descendant of Michael Becker Solley also?

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    Ian R. Guest

    Default Re: Michael Becker SOLLEY (1857 - 1923)

    Hello dsb, many thanks for the posted reply.
    I am a descendant of MBS through my mother's side of the family.
    It is interesting that Rosa had Charles shown as her father at the time of her wedding in 1887 as I have a copy of MBS's wedding certificate in August 1880when he married Sarah Ann Mitchell. MBS is shown as aged 23 and with the occupation of Gamekeeper but he does not have 'Father's Name & Surname' shown nor 'Rank or Profession of Father'. Neither of the witnesses were Solleys.
    Additionally there are no father's details shown on MBS's Birth Certificate either in 1857 where his mother is Susan Becker Solley.
    Something odd going on in the late 1800's I think ... ??

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    Default Re: Michael Becker SOLLEY (1857 - 1923)

    Hi Ian, I appreciate your responsiveness. I am a descendant of Michael Becker Solley's son Alexander Ronald Solley. Are you a descendant of Michael's son Frank?

    I believe it is Alex Solley that passed down to the family that Charles Solley was the name of Michael Becker Solley's family; but no other information was known but the name. It is only recently that I came into possession of a copy of Rosa's marriage certificate and Charles name and occupation on it. It is believed that Michael Becker Solley's mother is Susan Becker (daughter of Michael Becker and Hannah Solley); she later goes by the name Susan Solley. There seems to be some question as to whether Susan Becker and Charles Solley ever married. I don't have a copy of Michael's birth or marriage certificate. Could you tell me the name of the witnesses recorded on Michael's marriage certificate? Oh how I wish that Charles was mentioned on Michael's birth or marriage certificate...

    I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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    Ian R. Guest

    Smile Re: Michael Becker SOLLEY (1857 - 1923)

    Good afternoon dsb

    I will pursue my investigations into the origins of Frank and MBS. I have been given some very useful help by members of this site and have a number of census return entries back from 1901. I also possess Death Certificates for both MBS in April 1923 where Frank was the 'informant' and was present at the death and for the death of Sarah Ann Solley in May 1916, aged just 58.
    On that occasion it would seem that the informant was Archibald James Solley who was 25 himself at that time. It is definitely A J Solley rather than A R as I have just checked.

    I tend to agree about the doubt over a marriage but that is something we can work on as I think we may have more information of mutual benefit.
    I will be in touch.
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