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    Ralph Soles, is reported to have come from either Kentucky or Indiana and settled in Minnesota, he married Martha Fritz (1874-1963). It is reported that Martha was older than Ralph, but we have no birthdate for him as proof. Together they had 2 children, Clarence (b1913?), and Gustave Alfred (b1916). It is not known if there were any other births.

    Ralph drove delivery wagon for the saw mill. When I was small, we were told Ralph was of French-Irish descent. It is reported that he was involved somehow with a carnival or circus prior to meeting Martha. When Gustave was 13 years old, Ralph disappeared so that would be 1929 to 1930 and no known family member ever heard from him again.

    As Gustave and Clarence are deceased and family members have no additional information we cannot trace any farther. However, we see some potential routes.

    1. Edward Oscar or William Soles in 1842 emigration to USA.
    2. Through Ireland, based on his foretold heritage.
    3. Australia by association of the Sole family Circus.
    4. French-Irish, possible Canadian ancestry.

    Has anyone lost track of Ralph from this era? If so, I'm looking for you.

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    Unhappy Re: SOLES of America

    Jonathan Soule b.1839 Albany, NY

    I am looking for the ancestry of Jonathan Soule. The 1870 Menard Co. Texas census shows that he was 39 and born in NY and that his father was of foreign birth. He enlisted in Capt Cushman’s Co 47th Mass infantry Sept 19 1862 in New Bedford, Mass. and was discharged Sept 1, 1863. He was a private in Company C 56th reg. Mars Infantry.He was listed as a seaman. He enrolled again on 3 Oct 1863 and was discharged at Boston Mass 7 June 1865 occupation when enrolled lists seaman. He enlisted a 3rd time on 8 Nov 1865 in U.S. Cavalry in 4 Reg troop G in Boston and was sent to Ft. Mason, Texas. He was discharged on 8 Nov 1868 at Ft Concho, Texas. He stayed in Texas and married Mary Limpier and had 3 children; Charles, Jonathan and Hattie. He received a land grant in Mason Co., Texas and lived there until his death on Sept 16,1878 when he fell from a horse and was dragged to his death. I have had no luck locating his family prior to his coming to Texas. I ran across a marriage record in his wife's (Mary Soule) pension application file (which said he was married to a Cordelia Howland on 10-06-1862 in New Bedford, Mass), when she was applying for a pension on a Jonathan Soule. Apparently Delia Howland had also applied for a pension on grounds that a Jonathan Soule had died in Andersonville in 1864. I don't know why these records were in his pension file. Could they were filed in the wrong file having the same name? Could Jonathan Soule been married before he went to Texas? That marriage certificate listed this Jonathan Soule's residence as Albany, New York and his parents as Isaac and Mahala Soule. IF that was a different person, then I don't know what his parent’s names are. Surely someone has information on this person or on this family? I found this information 25 years ago and have not been able to get any farther in my research. Can anyone out there help me with my search? Thanks--Linda Latham, Munday, TX
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