I have received the following message from our Society member Lois Rekowski. You will see that she is looking for a male Solley with a definite Kent ancestry to help verify their DNA tests.

If you are interested in helping, please send me an email by clicking on my name above, and I'll put you in contact with Lois.

Interesting things afoot with the Pennsylvania Solleys in US. Two branches are NOT related according to our DNA tests...

Both branches date to 1800's, and in the same areas, so this is a big disappointment.

We desperately would like someone from the male Kent County UK Solleys to take a DNA test to see if you match either of our results.

Family Tree DNA has a sale on until December 31. If anyone would be interested on your end, please contact me. We will pick up the costs here, and the kit will come to you. It requires only 3 mouth swabs over a 6 hour time period, during which you cannot eat. (otherwise the DNA from your roast beef at lunch may mess up the results).

Please forward this request to the Solly/Solleys/etc. who might be interested in participating. Thank you in advance for all assistance that you can give us. We much appreciate it.


Lois Thompson Rekowski
Descendant on Lois Solley Thompson