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Thread: Gerrans - Who really was the John Sawle who married Susanna Behenna?

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    Default Gerrans - Who really was the John Sawle who married Susanna Behenna?


    Research on John Sawle b abt 1790

    People who have done trees for John Sawle appear uncertain as to which John actually married Susanna Behenna – often known as Susan

    The Sole Society, on one of their largest trees, shows John (& wife Susanna Behanna) as having parents John Sawle bpd 1755 & Mary Pascoe b abt 1755. However, son John’s age differs from record to record - enough to raise doubts whether more than one John is involved, and therefore cast doubts on the parental line.

    A search on the Internet quickly produced seven trees. Of the seven, three each give a different John - from Probus! - obviously incorrect because there is no doubt that John came from Gerrans; one didn’t say which John, & three showed the father of the John who married Susanna Behenna as Thomas b 1741.

    Having contacted two of the latter researchers, I was advised that they obtained their information from “St. Gerrans and St. Anthony Parish Tree” ( Further enquiries were made to Bill O’Reilly, the On-Line Parish Clerk for Gerrans who on has published transcriptions from many sources (LDS, Parish records, school, records etc) that have then been rechecked and later added to. Bill tells me that he made his transcriptions available for the “St. Gerrans and St. Anthony Parish Tree” - so we can assume that it is has a firm basis. However, given the scale of the parish reconstruction, over 14500 records, some of the assumed relationships may not be correct. It is unlikely that any Author without a vested interest about their own tree could spend the time that I have done on just this one issue. Unfortunately there is nothing to stop researchers accepting Internet data as fact and publishing it to genealogical sites without firstly doing their own research.

    As identification of which John married Susanna Behenna is essential to tracking backward, I have spent some time (over 2 months) researching the data available. The following pages detail the research undertaken and the reasoning behind the conclusions reached. On the basis of the information available to me at this stage, I am happy with my conclusions.

    Ian Desoer
    18th Nov 2009

    Note: Since completing the research, I have received a reply from the publisher of “St. Gerrans and St. Anthony Parish Tree” stating “I think you may be right. According to the 1841 census your John and Susan were living at Parkenvrane and his age fits better with the other John and Susan in the census. It will take me ages to put this right! For your information, what I am doing is a tree for the whole of Gerrans parish from 1538 - so far about 14,500 names. Not surprising if an error creeps in”. The report has not been changed.

    Research objectives:
    a) Because of age variations on reports of the John marr to Susanna Behenna, identify if one or more John Sawle is being reported on
    b) If only one, identify any reasons for the age differences
    c) Seek alternative Johns who could have married Susanna Behenna
    d) Identify what we can about the remaining Johns
    e) Conclusion & Summary
    f) Research data

    All data on which the research is based is shown at the end of these notes and numbered (1), (2), (3) etc. In the notes, the source is numbered accordingly.

    Because of age variations on reports of the John marr to Susanna Behenna, identify if one or more John Sawle is being reported on

    1. In the 1841 & 1851 censuses (2)(3), John is calc as b1790/1, but in the 1861 census (5) as b1786 (4 years earlier). The date on a gravestone at Gerrans (11) shows a John Sawle, husband of “above Susan Sawle”, died 12 Feb 1868 age 89 (calc b1779) - 7 years earlier again! So is there just one John, or more?

    2. St Gerrans baptisms 1813-1906 (1) shows a Thomas Sawle, son of John & Susanna at Parkenvrane bpd Jan 15 1826.
    3. John Sawle & son Thomas are shown on three censuses. It is reasonable to believe that Thomas
    1. age 15, Mason, on 1841 census (2)
    2. age 25, Head, journeyman Mason on 1851 census (4), and
    3. age 35, Head of family, Mason, on 1861 census (5), and living at Parkinvran throughout, is the same Thomas.
    4. In the 1841 census (2), Thomas aged 15 is living at home with his parents. By the time of the 1861 census (5), Thomas is shown as Head of Family with his father John shown as a ‘Boarder’ in the house that he had lived in during the 3 census returns.
    5. Additionally, the 1851 census (3) shows Susan Sawle age 2 as Granddaughter to John. In the 1861 census (5) there is a Susan age 11, niece to Thomas Sawle, Head of Family. This provides further evidence that the John shown as a Boarder on the 1861 census (5) is the same John who with his wife Susan was looking after their grandchild ten years earlier.
    6. The above conclusively proves that there is only one John Sawle involved across the 3 censuses.

    If only one, identify any reasons for the age differences

    7. On the 1841 & 1851 censuses (2)(3), John had put his own age – 50, calc as b1790/1. Or perhaps more importantly, wife Susan may have completed the census as, according to the transcript of the Parish Register for the marriage (9), John made his mark but bride Susanna Behenna signed the register – suggesting that she was the more educated of the two.
    8. However, it is important to know the rules that were in operation for the provision & collection of data in the 1841 census (14) – viz: “Ages above 15 are to be entered thus - at 29, put 25, if 34, put 30, and so on. If a person has two Christian names, only one is to be inserted. The county where born is to be recorded, but not the parish, …….”. Not everyone followed these rules when putting their age. For anyone interested in Cornish history or using the 1841 census of Cornwall for research, it is worth reading the whole document.
    9. So the fact that on the 1841 census (2) John & Susannah put age 50, they could have been aged anywhere between age 50 & 54. One can only guess why their proper ages were not entered on the 1851 census.
    10. In any event, the difference of 4 years on the 1861 census (5) is explained by the fact that son Thomas, as (now) Head of family, compiled the census, his father John being shown as a Boarder. And he put the actual / believed age of his father – calc as b 1786.

    11. Why the additional 7 years on his gravestone (11)?
    12. Firstly lets look at wife Susanna. The gravestone (11) states Susan Sawle died 28th Dec 1851 aged 68 years. But earlier that same year on the 1851 census (3), her age, possibly given by her, was 61. So where did the age on the gravestone come from?
    13. St Gerrans Baptisms 1538-1798 (6) shows Susanna Behenna bpt 11 Dec 1786. St Gerrans Parish Register burials 1813-1907 (10) shows Susanna Sawle d 30 Dec 1851 (2 days different to the gravestone) at Parkenvrane age 68. Therefore, her actual age from baptism (not birth) to death was 65 years. It is unlikely that the registrar would have at the Baptism Register to calculate the actual DOB, and even if he did, there is no documentary evidence to show that Susan was born 4 years before her baptism. It is possible that husband John, or perhaps son Thomas, gave the age he / they thought to be correct, albeit 7 years difference from just a few months previous.
    14. It is significant that on the gravestone there is also a 7-year difference to John’s age compared to his own submitted census data. It is possible that son Thomas believed his father’s age to be the same as his mother and calculated the age at death accordingly. Perhaps, because Thomas discovered an error of age on the gravestone for his mother, he decided to increase the age of his father to show that they would have been the same age. We shall never know.
    15. Given that there is little doubt that the gravestone actually belongs to John Sawle & Susanna Behenna, the fact that John & Susan are both shown to be 7 years older than their own recorded ages suggests that this data should be disregarded.

    16. To summarise, according to John’s / Susanna’s own data in the 1841 & 1851 censuses (2) (3), they were both of a similar age, John age 50 was b1790-1 but, because of the rules of the earlier census, could have been aged 50-54, thus b 1786-1790/1. In the 1861 census probably completed by son Thomas (5), John was aged 75, therefore b 1786. Susanna has been proven to be bpt. 1786.
    17. John Saul, son of John & Mary, bpd 22 sep 1786 (7) is a perfect match for the John who married Susanna Behenna. The age that Thomas gave for his father in the 1861 census (5) would then make sense, accurately stating his father’s age.
    18. So, although a perfect match apart from the spelling of the surname, given the number of alternative answers on the web, it is necessary to look for other potential candidates.

    Seek alternative Johns who could have married Susanna Behenna

    19. Only John Sawle(s)(soundex) from Gerrans have been researched as the John married to Susanna is clearly stated on 3 censuses as originating from Gerrans.
    20. St Gerrans Baptisms - 1770-1800 (7) shows 5 children baptised as John who could have been candidates to marry Susanna Behenna. These linked to those listed in Sole Society births (8) for the same period give:
    SOWEL John 6 Jan 1780 son of Thomas & Sarah, Gerrans (7)
    SAWEL John 6 Jan 1780 son of Thomas & Sarah, Gerrans (8a)
    SAUL John 22 Sep 1786 son of John & Mary, Gerrans (7)(8b)
    SAWLE John 12 Oct 1794 son of Thomas & Sarah, Gerrans (7)
    SAWEL John 12 Oct 1794 son of Thomas & Sarah, Gerrans (8c)
    SAWLE John 16 Nov 1794 son of William & Mary, Gerrans (7)(8d)
    SAWLE John 4 Aug 1799 son of Ehud & Abigail, Gerrans (7)(8e)

    21. Of the 7 names above, 2 can be eliminated as two born 12 Oct 1794 (7) & (8c) and two born 6 Jan 1780 (7) & (8a) are obviously duplicates due to spelling and each is only mentioned once in data sources.
    22. Thomas Sawol & Sarah Wakeam are the parents of both John bpd 6 Jan 1780 (7) and John bpd 12 Oct 1794 (7). This suggests that the first-born died sometime between baptism in Jan 1780 & the birth of the other in Oct 1794. Three deaths are shown per Gerrans burials (13): 20 Mar 1795 - too late as the new baby was bpd 12 Oct 1794; another on 27 Feb 1783 - a notation states “hurt by falling over a boat into the sea” - aged just 3, this is unlikely. The other death 20 Apr 1793 is a possible candidate but has the word 'sexton' recorded on the same line. So although there is no definite proof, the fact that two children in the same family have the same name suggests that the youngest died and a successor was given the same name. Mother Sarah would have been aged 49 when the 2nd John was born; old but not impossible - Susanna Behenna was aged 47 when her last child James was born in 1834.
    23. John Sawle bpd 4 Aug 1799 (7)(8e), the 4th of 7 children b to Ehud & Abigail (16c) was marr to Mary Hayes on 16 Apr 1834 at Gerrans & died on 8 Jun 1876 at Portscatha. When Susanna was married in 1816 aged 30, this John would have been just 17.
    24. This reduces from 7 to 3 the list of Johns who could have married Susanna Behenna - one John bpd 1786 & 2 born 1794.
    SAUL John 22 Sep 1786 son of John & Mary, Gerrans (7)(8b)
    SAWLE John 12 Oct 1794 son of Thomas & Sarah, Gerrans (7)
    SAWLE John 16 Nov 1794 son of William & Mary, Gerrans (7)(8d)

    Identify what we can about the remaining Johns

    25. Little appears to be known of the 2 Johns born 1794. I can find no data to show that either of them married, despite lengthy searches in the Gerrans, St Just in Roseland & neighbouring parish records, LDS, internet, etc. Likewise, I can find no suitable births/baptisms to a John & (unknown other) between 1811 (aged 17) & 1845.
    26. A death was recorded for John Sawle on 20 Mar 1795 & also for John Bennet Sawle on 24 Feb 1798 per Gerrans burials (13). Could either or both of these apply?
    27. A further burial took place on 02 Jan 1845 at Polscatha, aged 50 - making b abt 1795 (13). Unfortunately, there is no trace of this John on the 1841 census for Gerrans (including Portscatho), even with a page-by-page search, as this may have given further clues, e.g. place of birth. Family etc.
    28. So it is possible that one of the Johns b 1794 died during childhood; the other may have lived to 1845. Unfortunately, it is impossible to say who may have died young or lived to a greater age.
    29. Or, according to “St. Gerrans and St. Anthony Parish Tree”, one of these Johns could have married Susanna & lived to 1868. However, I can find no reason why either John b 1794 should have been chosen as being the husband of Susanna. Neither can I then see why the John b 12 Oct 1794 (son of Thomas & Sarah (8c)) was chosen rather than the John b 16 Nov 1794 (7)(8d), son of William & Mary.
    30. So the evidence to support a theory that Susanna marr one of the Johns b 1794 is non-existent. It has been proven that Susanna was bpd 1786. Therefore, on the date of her wedding in 1816, she would have been aged 30 while either John b 1794 would have been aged just 22 - 8 years her junior, this despite stating on two consecutive censuses that she & her husband were the same age (or by taking the rules of the 1841 census into account, within 4 years of being the same age)

    31. The only candidate remaining is John Saul bpd 22 Sep 1786 son of John Saul & Mary Pascoe, both from Gerrans. Much has already been covered earlier. So why was he married as John Sawle and not John Saul as baptised?
    32. The records for St Gerrans Marriages 1754-1812 (12) show that on 12 Nov 1776, the marriage took place between John Saul and Mary Pascoe. A note in the transcription states that the groom signed his name as Soall. This shows that the family name can change even for someone who could write. Forty years later, son John marrying Susanna could not write and ‘made his mark’ in the Parish Register. Spellings errors were common, simply because many people could not read or write. Consequently any writing was often done by someone more learned, but spelt as it sounded, including local dialects. A classic example of this is the family of Thomas Sawol & Sarah Wakeam who had 4 children bpt as Sowel, 3 children bpt as Saul & 2 children bpt as Sawle.
    33. At the wedding of John & Susanna was Ehud Sawle, one of the witnesses. Three Ehuds are known (16) - one Ehud 1769-1820 is the brother of (father) John Saul bpd 1755. Another is Ehud & wife Abigail’s son Ehud b 1802, age 14 – it is unlikely that he would have been a witness. The third Ehud is the brother of John, bpt 1792. Therefore the witness would have been either John’s brother aged 24 or his uncle.
    34. Given no other Ehud, it is clear that all of the Ehuds where in the family that originated from the parents of John bpd 1755. This rules out either of the Johns b 1794 and conclusively proves that the only John that could have married Susanna was the one bpd 1786.
    35. Given the above, his parents are John Saul b1755 & Mary Pascoe

    Conclusion & Summary

    36. During research
    1. All possible John Sauls (soundex) have been researched to identify all that could have been contenders to marry Susanna Behenna.
    2. All bar 3 were quickly eliminated but 2 could only be excluded because there is absolutely no evidence of either of them marrying or having children. Conversely, from burial records, it is possible that one or both of them died at an early age, although one of them may have lived until 1845. However, this is not the date of death of the John who was husband to Susanna.
    3. Both Johns would have been 8 years younger than Susanna at the time of any wedding although she & her husband stated on two censuses that they were the same age.
    4. The remaining John bpd 1786 to John & Mary was proven to be living in the same house as his son Thomas for 3 consecutive censuses. The reason for Johns age appearing to increase by 4 years was caused by Thomas taking over from John & Susanna when completing the census, an age difference that may have confused researchers. Thomas, as head of household, then accurately gave his father’s age when he completed the census. An explanation for the age difference on the gravestone was suggested.
    5. It was proven that John & Susanna were born in 1786 & in Gerrans.
    6. The rules for completing the 1841 census explained why both John & Susanna gave their ages as 4 years younger than they actually were.
    7. Research showed that witness Ehud Sawle at John & Susanna’s wedding, had to be a descendant from the groom’s grandparents and gave added substance to the evidence that the only John that could have married Susanna was the one bpd 1786.
    37. Given the above, unless new evidence or another John Sawle is identified, I believe that we should accept that John Saul bpd Sep 22 1786, son of to John Saul b 1755 & Mary Pascoe, is the husband of Susanna Behenna.

    Family Tree
    Extract of John Sawle & Susanna Behenna family. Other data not fully checked
    Single Click to see larger version

    Research Data

    All research has tried to include all spellings & soundex of the name Sawle

    (1) St Gerrans baptisms 1813-1906 for children of John & Susanna shows
    SAWLE William 1817 12-Jan son of John Susanna Gerrans
    SAWLE Hannah 1819 25-Apr dau of John Susanna Parkenvrane
    SAWLE John 1821 14-Jan son of John Susanna Parkenvrane
    SAWLE Thomas 1826 15-Jan son of John Susanna Parkenvrane
    SAWLE Isaac Behenna 1828 14-Dec son of John Susanna Parkenvrane
    SAWLE Susanna 1831 12-Jun dau of John Susanna Parkenvrane
    SAWLE James 1834 25-May son of John Susanna Parkenvrane

    (2) 1841 census for John Sawle (b1790) Living Parkinvran, Gerrans
    John Sawle, 50 (b abt 1791), Mason, Male, Cornwall England
    Susan Sawle, 50 (b abt 1791), Female, Cornwall England
    Susan Sawle, 10 (b abt 1831), Female, Cornwall England
    Thomas Sawle, 15 (b abt 1826), Mason, Male Cornwall England
    Isaac Sawle, 13 (b abt 1828), Male, Cornwall England
    James Sawle, 7 (b abt 1834), Male, Cornwall England
    This shows that John & Susanna are the parents of Susan, Thomas, Isaac & James. By the time of the 1841 census, Hannah is living up the road at The Parsonage while John age 20 is possibly a ship carpenter at Falmouth (un-proven).

    (3) 1851 census for John Sawle (b1790) Living Parkenfrane
    John Sawle, Head, 61 (abt 1790), Male, mason - Master, Gerrans Cornwall
    Susan Sawle, Wife, 61 (abt 1790), Female, do wife, Gerrans Cornwall
    Susan Sawle, Granddaughter, 2 (abt 1849), Female, Gerrans Cornwall
    Marryann Sawle, Servant, 25 (abt 1826), Female, House Servt, St Mawes Cornwall

    (4) 1851 census for Thomas Sawle (b1826) Living Parkenvane, Gerrans
    Thomas Sawle, Head, 25 (abt 1826), Male, Journeyman Mason, Gerrans Cornwall

    Note: In the 1851 census, John is in district 4a on page 1 of 30. He is shown to be living Parkenfrane with family, and with 4 other families. Meanwhile, son Thomas is recorded in district 4b on page 7 of 18. He is shown to be living in Parkenvane on a separate line with different residences either side.

    The two Enumeration Districts are different, basically east or west of the road leading from Treworlas to Trewithian - with district 4a clearly mentioning Parkenvrane - where John is recorded. So how did Thomas come to get recorded at Parkenvane in a different Enumeration District? I am not aware of two houses with similar names in different parts of Gerrans.

    For information: when the farm was sold in 1920, it was known as Parton Vrane.

    (5) 1861 census for Thomas Sawle (b1826) Living Parkenfran, Gerrans
    Thomas Sawle, Head of family, marr, 35 (abt 1826), Male, Mason, Gerrans Cornwall
    Eliza Sawle, Wife, 28 (abt 1833), Female, wife, Gerrans Cornwall
    Eliza Sawle, Daughter 7 (abt 1854), Female, Scholar, Gerrans Cornwall
    Mary Jane Sawle, Daughter, 5 (abt 1856), Female, Scholar, Gerrans Cornwall
    Sarah Sawle, Daughter, 4 (abt 1857), Female, Scholar, Gerrans Cornwall
    Fredrick Sawle, Son, 1 (abt 1860), Male, Gerrans Cornwall
    John Sawle, Boarder, 75 (abt 1786), Male, Mason, Gerrans Cornwall
    Susan Sawle, Niece, 11 (abt 1850), Female, Scholar, Gerrans Cornwall

    (6) St Gerrans Baptisms 1538-1798
    BEHENNAH Susanna 1786 11-Dec dau of Isaac & Constance

    (7) St Gerrans Baptisms - 1779-1791 for any John Sawle (soundex)
    There are 5 Johns born at in this period who could be candidates to marry Susanna:- SOWEL John 1780 6-Jan son of Thomas & Sarah
    SAUL John 1786 22-Sep son of John & Mary
    SAWLE John 1794 12-Oct son of Thomas & Sarah
    SAWLE John 1794 16-Nov son of William & Mary
    SAWLE John 1799 4-Aug son of Ehud & Abigail

    8) Sole Society - Births for John Sawle ex Gerrans (soundex) 1780 – 1800
    8a) John SAWEL DMG008 1780 Gerrans bpd. 6 Jan 1780. Gerrans,
    8b) John SAWLE DMD042 1786 Gerrans bpd. 22 Sep 1786. Gerrans
    marr Susanna BEHENNA DMD043 bd. abt 1790, Gerrans
    m. 1 Jun 1816, Gerrans

    possible Son of John SAWLE DMD024 bpd. 14 Jun 1755, Gerrans
    & Mary PASCOE DMD025 bd. abt 1775. m. 12 Nov 1776, Gerrans
    8c) John SAWEL DMG013 1794 Gerrans bpd. 12 Oct 1794, Gerrans,

    Son of Thomas SAWOL DMG001 bpd. 16 Aug 1737, Gerrans,
    & Sarah WAKEAM DMG003 bd. abt 1745, m. 25 Oct 1770, Gerrans,
    (8d) John SAWLE DMH003 1794 Gerrans bpd. 16 Nov 1794, Gerrans,

    Son of William SAWLE DMH001 bd. abt 1769
    & Mary MAY DMH002 bd. abt 1769. m. 1 Jan 1794, Gerrans,
    8e) John SAWLE DMD061 1799 Gerrans bpd. 4 Aug 1799, Gerrans
    dd. 8 Jun 1876, Portscatha
    marr Mary HAYES DMD062 bd. abt 1810, Gerrans
    m. 16 Apr 1834, Gerrans

    Son of Ehud SAWLE DMD032 bpd. Feb 1769, Gerrans
    & Abigail BENNETT DMD033 bd. abt 1773, Gerrans
    m. 24 Nov 1794, Gerrans

    (9) St Gerrans Marriages 1813-1837
    01-Jun 1816: John Sawle, Groom. Abode t p: bachelor, Groom made mark.
    Bride: Susanna Behenna. Abode: o t p, spinster, signed.
    Banns. Witness1: F W BAKER Witness2: Ehud Sawle

    (10) St Gerrans Parish Register burials 1813-1907:
    Sawle Susanna d 1851 Dec 30 at Parkenvrane age 68
    Sawle John d 1868 16-Feb at Parkenframe age 89

    (11) Gravestone at Gerrans Churchtown
    In affectionate remembrance of Susan Sawle who died Dec 28th 1851 aged 68 years. Also of John Sawle Husband of the above who died Feb 12th 1868 aged 89 years.
    Why do we mourn departing friends
    or shake at deaths alarms
    Tis but the voice that Jesus sends
    to call them to his arms

    This hymn was written by Thomas Hastings in 1859 and therefore probably added to Gravestone on d of John.

    (12) Gerrans Marriages 1754-1812
    12-Nov 1776: SAUL John, Groom_Abode: o t p, groom signed SOALL
    Bride: PASCOE Mary, Bride_abode: o t p, Bride made mark
    Banns. Witness1: Wm. SOWALL Witness2:William ROW
    There are no other marriages for a John S….. in the period

    (13) Deaths in Gerrans 1780-1880
    SAUL John 1783 27-Feb hurt by falling over a boat into the sea
    SAWLE John 1793 20-Apr sexton
    SAWLE John 1795 20-Mar
    SAWLE John Bennet 1798 24-Feb
    SAWLE John 1820 05-Jun age 65 Church Town Calc b 1755
    SAWLE John 1845 02-Jan age 50 Polscatha Calc b 1795
    SAWLE John 1868 16-Feb age 89 Parkenframe Calc b 1779
    SAWLE John 1876 11-Jun age 77 Portscatha Calc b 1799

    (14) 1841 Census Peculiarities
    The following information was published in The West Briton Newspaper on 7th May 1841. Src:

    HINTS RESPECTING THE NEW CENSUS, to be taken on Monday, 7th June 1841.
    1. …… It is to be written in pencil. Ages above 15 are to be entered thus - at 29, put 25, if 34, put 30, and so on. If a person has two Christian names, only one is to be inserted. The county where born is to be recorded, but not the parish, …….

    3. Cornishmen should especially look to the area covered by 1. the county; 2. the archdeaconry; 3. the parliamentary districts; and 4, the poor law unions. This surface contains 209 entire parishes, of which 201 belong alike to each of these four general divisions. The remaining eight parishes on the line of the Tamar from north to south are 1. Bridgerule, 2. North Tamerton, 3. Boyton; 4. North Petherwin; 5. Werrington; 6. St. Giles in the Heath; 7. St. Budeaux; and 8, Maker. From want of attention to these eight parishes, it frequently happens that the description and statistics of all the four general divisions of Cornwall are inaccurately given. This provincial geography should be taught in our schools……

    (15) Sole Society –Family data for Thomas Sawol & Sarah Wakeam
    Thomas SAWOL DMG001 bpd. 16 Aug 1737, Gerrans
    marr Sarah WAKEAM DMG003 on. 25 Oct 1770, Gerrans

    Ann SOWEL DMG005 bpd. 24 Nov 1771, Gerrans
    Philippa SOWEL DMG006 bpd. 11 Apr 1776, Gerrans
    Thomas SAWEL DMG007 bpd. 19 Apr 1778, Gerrans
    John SAWEL DMG008 bpd. 6 Jan 1780, Gerrans
    Martha SAWEL DMG009 bpd. 5 Jan 1783, Gerrans
    Martha SAWEL DMG010 bpd. 27 Feb 1785, Gerrans
    Sarah SAWEL DMG011 bpd. 25 Jun 1788, Gerrans
    Elizabeth SAWEL DMG012 bpd. 30 Sep 1792, Gerrans
    John SAWEL DMG013 bpd. 12 Oct 1794, Gerrans

    (16) Research on Ehud Sawle - data from Gerrans Parish Registers & Sole Society
    16a) Grandfather of John marrying Susanna Behenna
    William SAWLE bpd. 24 Apr 1726, Gerrans marr Elizabeth 13 May 1754,

    John SAWLE bpd. 14 Jun 1755, marr Mary PASCOE 12 Nov 1776, Gerrans
    Ehud SAWLE bpd. Feb 1769, marr Abigail BENNETT 24 Nov 1794, Gerrans

    Therefore: Ehud bpd 1769 is the brother of John bpd 1755 whose son John 1786 marr in 1816. Ehud is therefore uncle to the newlyweds
    16b) Father of John marrying Susanna Behenna
    John SAWLE bpd. 14 Jun 1755 marr Mary PASCOE 12 Nov 1776, Gerrans

    John SAWLE bpd. 22 Sep 1786, marr Susanna BEHENNA 1 Jun 1816, Gerrans
    Ehud SAWEL bpd. 12 Oct 1792, marr Joanna WOON 5 Jul 1818, St Just in Roseland

    Ehud, aged 24 could have been the witness to his brothers wedding
    16c) Ehud SAWLE bpd. Feb 1769 marr Abigail BENNETT 24 Nov 1794, Gerrans

    John SAWLE bpd. 4 Aug 1799, marr Mary HAYES 16 Apr 1834, Gerrans
    Ehud SAWLE bpd. 4 Feb 1802 marr Elizabeth 8 Nov 1823

    Ehud, aged 14 may have attended his cousins wedding but would not have been witness
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    Default Re: Gerrans - Who really was the John Sawle who married Susanna Behenna?

    Hi Ian, I was very pleased to read your research notes about John Sawle & Susanna Behenna, and totally agree with your conclusions.
    My ancestor was James Sawle bap 1795, Gerrans, son of James Sawle & Sarah Menear who emigrated to South Australia in 1840.
    I would be very interested to exchange information with you.

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    Default Re: Gerrans - Who really was the John Sawle who married Susanna Behenna?

    Hi Helen
    Many thanks for your comments on the research notes. It took 2 months to do the research and at one time I thought that a conclusion might not be possible. However, in the end, it seemed pretty conclusive.

    Yes I would be delighted to swap details and I will contact you direct in a couple of days when I get back home from holiday.
    Best wishes

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