This article reproduced from a local newspaper cutting from around 1924 (title unknown), found at the home of Charles Frederick Solly, Southend-on-Sea. Whilst clearing his loft of items after the death of his wife Joyce May Solly (Harding) in May, 2009.

The following is the interesting war record of the family of Mr Stephen Solly, of 13 Albany Place, Dover. Kent, England.

John Solly (Great-grandfather?) of Sandwich, Kent, in 1808 was seized by the “Press Gang for the Navy; served through the French Wars on H.M.S “Bellerophon”; was one of the crew told off to guard Napoleon at St. Helena; and was there until Napoleon’s death in April 1821.
Mr Stephen Solly, of 13 Albany Place, Dover aged 77 years; joined the 11th Foot (North Devons), in May, 1858 at Dover; marched from Curragh to Maryborough (22.5 miles) with King Edward the VII. (then Prince of Wales), 1860, who was then a lieutenant doing duty with the guards (training); hospital sergeant in India (Fizzabad, etc); with Lord Roberts in Abyssinian Expedition, 1860 (‘‘Bobs’’ was at that time D.A.Q.M.G., lieutenant, Bengal Army); was messenger to Mr William Russell the “Times” war correspondent, Franco-Prussian War, 1870; was valet to Field Marshall Lord Strathnairn, 1870,1875; at the Berlin Conference, 1871; meeting of Emperor at Berlin, also at the Vienna Exhibition, 1872 (his Lordship represented Queen Victoria as Commissioner).
Mr George Henry Solly (brother). Joined the Navy; went through the Russian and Crimean War, 1853-1855, H.M.S. “Rodney”; was wounded and discharged; settled at Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, where he became the father of seventeen children (mostly boys). The two youngest sons are now serving in the A.I.F. in France; also four grandsons are doing their “bit.”
Edward Solly (son) aged 28 years, No. 33653 Sapper, R.E; at the Front in 1915 and 1916; wounded and gassed; invalided and discharged.
Charles G. Solly (son), aged 35 years; was for eleven years in New York; joined United States 1st Contingent; now attached to the Middlesex Regiment.
Captain Harry Magnussen (nephew) Scottish Horse, N.S.W; rose from trooper to captain; twenty years’ good record; through Mashonaland, Zulu War, Boer War, Chinda, East Africa; and South Africa, 1900; now beyond age limit.
Arthur W. Magnussen, (nephew) aged 28 years. No. 4704 Q.M.S., A.I.F; Anzac, Gallipoli, Egypt; now at Rolleston with a training battalion.
Oliver W. Solly (nephew) aged 41 years, No. 897, A.I.F. Anzac, Sulva Bay; now with a Battalion at the Front.
George Henry Solly (nephew); Anzac; awarded the D.C.M. for stoking (with ten other men) the s.s. “Southland” when she was torpedoed.
William Fawley Solly (nephew) aged 23 years, No. 2573 Bandsman, Lancashire Fusiliers. Taken prisoner of war August 26th, 1914, during retreat from Mons, and is now at Sennelager.
Harry Solly (nephew) aged 27 years, No. 1911 Private, The Buffs. Twice wounded and gassed; Delvine Wood, etc.; now on permanent home service at the Mount, Shorncliffe.
William Solly (nephew) Trooper, 10th Hussars, 1915-1916; now discharged unfit.
Athur Solly (nephew) Corporal, Royal Berkshire Regiment. Still on active service abroad.
Patrick Molloy (son-in-law) aged 50 years, C.S.M., R.G.A. Ten years in India; South Africa, 1900; after 12 years in New York volunteered for service; now with the Leinster Regiment as drill instructor.
George Pritchard (nephew) of Tower Hamlets Hill, Dover. Private, The Buffs. South Africa, 1900; rejoined, 1916.
William (Bob) Solley (cousin) of Sandwich. The Buffs. Came with the Buffs from India and went with the first Expeditionary Force; three times wounded and home on leave; killed 14th April, 1917. This soldier (Bob Solley) brought Lance-Corporal Rigden of 17, Limekiln Street, Dover, 400 yards when he was wounded on the 12th May, 1915, thus saving his life. Pte Solley was a married man.