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Thread: Jone Solly of Ash (1567)

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    Can anyone help me identify the Jone Solly who married John Saffery in Ash on 17 November 1567? She was probably born in the 1540s. I know that there were several Sollys in the area at the time - there were 5 or 6 paying taxes and probably others who avoided paying. William Solley (d 1558) mentions a daughter Joan in his will and Stephen the younger also had a daughter Joan. There may be others. The answer - if there is one might lie in a will written after Jone's marriage.

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    I have the marriage recorded - the spelling was shown as Sollye and it the name possibly was Jane (although I had June and you have Jone). We have been unable to find the father. Our records were taken from Ash Family History Society records and these had been put into families. As the marriage is on its own - I do not think the Society found a link.

    There is a Joan, daughter of William Solley (brother of Stephen Solley the Elder) d1558 as you say. According to our records Joane (Soley) was named in William Omer's will (her father in law) along with Helen and Margaret.

    Stephen the younger's daughter Jane b 16 Jun 1583

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