Good evening

I have been working on my family tree today and have been working through the Margate St Johns parish records. It appears that I am descended from Mercy Solly and John Sayer however I am at a loss as to how to move any further as there are 2 records that could potentially be the parents of my Mercy. My options are Richard and Mary Solly with a dob of 9th March 1735 and John and Mary Solly with a dob of 1oth November 1745 (and maybe others that I have missed or don't have access to )

Mercy married John Sayer in Margate on 21st June 1767 so my feeling is that John and Mary would be most likely as that would have her married at22 and their first child, also Mercy, born a year later. However I have learnt that I have made several errors by going on 'my feeling' so am asking if any one has any information on this branch of the Solly family that they would be prepared to share with me

Thank you for taking the time to read my post