Please may I ask, through your readers, if anyone might be able to help me to find my relatives. Mr great grandmother was Agnes Ann Scott Saul who was born in either Morecambe or Cumbria in approximately 1878, Iím not sure which and have conflicting information. She married Joseph Henry Sharpe in Kendal in1901 and worked at Sizergh Castle. My aunt thinks she had a brother , possibly called Robert, who was a pianist . She also had two sisters who were Step Dancers. From a birthday book she kept I have also found other names which are:-
Margaret M Saul, Mary Saul, Susannah Saul, Bessie Saul, Eleanor Saul, Minnie Saul, Mary C Saul, Margaret Saul, Thomas Scott Saul, Walter H Saul, James H Saul, Harold Saul, Roger Saul, Charles Edgar Saul, Kathleen Saul, and Mary Ann Saul.

The surnames Harrison (Susannah Saul married a Harrison), Elliot and Kitchen appear repeatedly in her book.
Some addresses are also noted:-
Miss A Saul Ė 30 Whalley St., Burnley Lane, Burnley.
Anne Saul Ė 150 New Hall St., Burnley.
Saul 121958 Ė 588 Coy, 18 Eux Bus Coy, B.E.F, France
Sgt. Pilot Corporal Saul 6427 Ė Royal Flying Corps., 1st. Air Craft Depot, B.E.F. France.
Another note says Ė Minnieís baby boy born Palm Sunday morning April 4th 1909 and Agnes born same day but died.

Iíd be very grateful if anyone could help me to place these people where they belong. At the minute, I donít know whether Iím Arthur or Martha with them!
Thanking you in anticipation.
Yours Faithfully,
Annette Mullen.