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Thread: Robert Thomas Saul WW1 Military Records

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    I'm trying to find any military records for Robert Thomas Saul born 1888 Preston, Lancs.

    We have 2 of his medals which are just 2 standard campaign medals, one silver and one gold in colour from the first world war.

    The medals were sent to his sister's address at 69 Oxford Grove, Bolton, which was where he was living prior to being in the army.

    All we know from family is that he was 2nd left Lieutenant in the infantry and that he apparently was gassed in the war. He died not long after.

    Any help would be appreciated,

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    Hi Amy

    The WW1 army records for Robert Thomas Saul are held at The National Archives at Kew. Brief details from these records have been extracted by the Society and appear on our main website at Type "Robert Thomas Saul" into the search facility and you should find the details. The original records at Kew may contain additional information about his army career.


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