We have received the following information from Janet Berry:

In the old church in bonchurch, there were two separate gravestones of interest, with the following inscriptions:

Died March 4 1818
Aged 5 Years 11 Months
Of such the kingdom of Heaven

Mary Wife of Frederick Solly Ford of Slaney Lodge County Wexford
She died at Shanklin 6 Oct 1864

We also visited the new church in bonchurch. We had a guidebook that informed us there were 6 sewells in the graveyard there but we could only find 4, as follows, all in the same part of the graveyard next to each other.

The first two were upright crosses next to each other,

Eleanor Lucy Sewell
Died march 15, 1920
Aged 81 Years

Marianne Sewell
Died October 6 1861
Aged 17 Years

To the immediate right of these upright crosses were three horizontal crosses that were sectioned off together and delineated from other gravestones with a low row of kerbing, suggesting they were part of a family plot.

The first cross on the left had lettering on the top that was unfortunately illegible, but on its right side it had the following (it had nothing else written on the left side or top or bottom):
Ellen Mary Sewell
Born June 6 1813
Died March ?5? 190?5? (I couldn't quite read the numbers but thought they were 5)

The next cross (in the middle) had just the one inscription on the top, and none on the sides:
Robert Burleigh Sewell
Died March 22 1872
Aged 62

The far right cross did have a small kerb between it and the other two horizontal crosses, and the names on it weren't sewell, but I wrote them down in case they were related somehow:
Emily Hawtrey
Died May 11 1901
Aged 57

On the side of this cross was:
And in loving memory of her daughter
Winifred Emily Dorothea
Wife of John Henry Marsden Whitehead

I hope that this helps some sewells somewhere!

With regards,

Miss Janet Berry (married to Dr David Alexander Sewell)