Dear Fellow Sewell Researchers,

I have just published an e-book (ISBN 9781365126079) on my paternal line. The paper trail has "run cold", as they say. In the book, I discuss extensive test results from DNA laboratories in the US and UK. The latter surmises that my ancestor who first came to North America was "most likely" from Southern or Eastern England. He was one of several Henry Sewells or Henry Sewalls who immigrated in the 17th century.

He was a pesky "invader", e. g., Saxon and Haplogroup I-Z190. He likely came from Northern Germany, Southern Norway, Denmark, or "Frisia." In order to "link" my family to the UK, I am seeking any UK Sewells who have had YDNA testing. Is there any organized effort that has either done so or plans to do so?


M. L. Sewell, Jr.