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Thread: Millicent Seawell in Northamptonshire

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    Default Millicent Seawell in Northamptonshire

    I am trying to find out if I am related to Millicent Seawell through her marriage to Joseph Meacock in 1718.

    My great grandmother was Hannah Maycock born 1845 the daughter of Thomas and Mary Maycock. Thomas born 1805 was the son of Sarah Maycock and Sarah born 1784 was the daughter of Francis and Sarah Maycock all living at Byfield. All the earlier information I have from the IGI index. When I try to go back further I can find other marriages but I am not sure if I have the correct people.

    What I have found earlier is John christened 1719 at Woodford who appears to be the son of Joseph and Millicent Seawell. The spellings vary between Meacock and Maycock right up to the middle of the nineteenth century. I wondered if anyone had followed the Seawell line through to the Maycocks and perhaps could tell me if I am on the right track. Thanking you in advance.
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    Smile Millicent Seawell and Joseph Meacock.

    Hello jaywit,
    You are related to another member of the Society - Anne Gould.
    The names Sewell/Seawell and Maycock/Meacock seem to be interchangeable in the records.
    I coordinate the Northants. Sewell records and I can't find the parents of Millicent in either Woodford Halse, Byfield, of any surrounding villages.
    The Maycocks seem to be connected to the village of Fenny Compton, Warwickshire.
    The Sewell Coordinator, Diana Kennedy, may be able to give you Anne's address if you contact her.
    Best wishes,
    Ruth Pringle

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    Hi Thanks for your message, I have only just seen it. I have already come to the conclusion the Maycocks are related to half of Northamptonshire. My great grandmother was one of 14 - at least thats what I have found up to now. I will EMail Diana. Josie

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