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    Hello I have been trying to find out the father of John Saul born approx 1675. He married Elizabeth Benson. The research I have found has 3 possible fathers Robert Saul(1640) Edward Saul(1640 - who research seems to say he married Elizabeth's sister which would mean John married his Aunt?) or John Saul who married Anne Messenger. All research seems to agree that John's grandfather was a Robert Saul. Again there is a little confusion. Some research says that Robert was born in 1595 but other sources say he was born and christened in 1587.
    I would be grateful for any info. Also very interested to know if any of these people were quakers.
    My great great grandmother was Elizabeth Saul who was the great great great granddaughter of John Saul and Elizabeth Benson(who I believe was a quaker)
    Marianne Blake

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    Do you have a locations on birth and marriage?

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