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    I just want to pass all my info to see if anyone is linked or knows a bit more... my grandfather's mother Ethel B. Sole married a Frank Charles Sole in Swindon in 1932. Ethel had 11 children, all Soles. The family moved to where work was as Frank was a agricultural Labour.
    Frank's father is Charles Henry Sole (1888) of Chipping Norton. Still havent found his parents, and Frank's mother was Alice Harriet Sole (1885) (Nee Legg). Charles had 7 children with Alice. Henry Victor (1908), Frank Charles William (1910), Eddie H (1917), Daisy P k (1915), William Henry (1919), Joan (1920) and Leslie Thomas (1914).
    Charles was a cowman and his family mostly lived in Cirencester and Swindon, his wife Alice died in 1929 and their son Frank Sole become ill in 1939 so then Charles Henry looked after Ethel and her children until he passed away, i've been told this was early 1950's... Then the oldest son of Charles and brother to Frank married Ethel in 1967. I'm guessing because Henry lost his wife and child he would look after Ethel and her's because Frank also died.
    None of Ethel's children are alive today. So finding all this infomation has been from my Nan who was married to my grandfather. So i'm not 100% sure this is all correct. I will be happy to pass any information in private about Ethel's children if anyone might know of them. But this post is to see if i can find more information abut Charles Henry and his children.
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