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Thread: Henry Solly & Ann Colyer

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    Default Henry Solly & Ann Colyer

    Tony Solly of South Australia asks:

    I am putting my family tree together and have details from when my great great great grandfather moved to Australia with his spouse and children.
    His name is Henry Solly / spouse is Ann Colyer. They came to Australia in 1840 and settled in Leasingham South Australia.
    I have quite a lot of information regarding the Solly clan here in Australia but very little about the UK. Also Reuben Solly came here in the same year and both lived in the area within 20kms of each other yet I cannot find a reference to Reuben Solly in the Henry Solly history.
    Any information or detail would be greatly appreciated

    Kindest Regards
    Tony & Michelle Solly
    South Australia

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    Default Re: Henry Solly & Ann Colyer

    Reuben SULLEY changed name to SOLLY

    "Lalla Rookh" 11 Oct 1840 Port Adelaide, South Australia

    Neville Solly
    South Australia

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