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    I have come across a Frank Blackwood Sewell who was inaugurated as the Worshipful Master of a Freemasons Lodge in Sungai Petani, Kedah, Federated Malay States on its consecration on 2 Aug 1918. On a google search I have noted there was a person of the same name whose dates are given as 16 Mar 1883-12 Jun 1955, died South Guildford, Perth, Australia. I also found a mention of a the name Blackwood-Sewell on this group, which I have joined to post this information, which may be of interest to your members, but I have no other link with the name Sewell. A Charles Yule Blackwood Sewell was also a member of the same Lodge. I have a newspaper article photo of the members of the Kedah Lodge 1918.

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    Unfortunately we have no details of any family call Blackwood-Sewell in the UK. Looking through articles on our website I can see that in March 2000 we had an enquiry about Blackwood-Sewell's from Miles in Australia who says that his family traced their family up to the arrival in New Zealand but nothing beyond that. It is therefore likely Frank is of this family that originates from NZ but its a mystery as to where the joined name came from. Perhaps there was a marriage on the boat and thus the Sewell & Blackwood families were joined.

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