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Thread: Sole of Banbury Oxfordshire and Northampton

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    Default Sole of Banbury Oxfordshire and Northampton

    Samuel Sole was supposedly born in Aston le Walls, Northampton circa 1777, married Sarah Gardener (sic) and had several children including Samuel and John (1810-1876).

    John married Mary Ann Heydon (1809-1852) and had several children including Samuel (later Fr Samuel Heydon Sole, parish priest of Chipping Norton Oxfordshire from 1879 until his death in 1921, buried under the high altar), John Nicholas (a coach builder and licensee of a Banbury public house; no issue from his first marriage to Helena, but several children with his second wife), Joseph (after his death his second wife and children relocated to Canada) and several daughters, one of whom married into the Hemmings family.

    John's first wife died (buried in the churchyard of St John the Evangelist Church, Banbury) and he married Anne Cox (nee Coleman) widow of John Cox and mother of Louis and Helena, who later married Henry Busby. Together, they had four more children - Winifred (1856-1924), Adelaide Ursula (1858-1879), Alban (1860) and Charles James (1863).

    Winifred married John Lyons of Ireland in 1878 in Banbury and relocated to Co Cork Ireland in 1880. Adelaide is thought to have passed away at age 21. Alban became a coach painter. Charles had three sons from his second marriage, the second of whom died as an infant. Descendants of the youngest son, Thomas Alban, still reside in Banbury.

    Six of the seven children of Winifred and John Lyons left Ireland to make new lives in other countries. Three went to America (marrying into the Lawton and Callahan families, Boston Massachusetts), two to England (both marrying into the Purser family of Hanwell, London) and one to Australia (marrying into the Smith family of Sydney) and their descendants still live in those countries. One stayed in Ireland to take over the family farm. Descendants still operate that farm.

    Any additional, or contrary, information about members of the Sole family of Banbury or Northampton (or other locations of which we are currently unaware) and their descendants is sought.
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    Just to let you know I have the Rev Sole Chipping Norton funeral postcard for sale


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