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Thread: Sauls of Stubbs Walden

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    Default Sauls of Stubbs Walden

    I am trying to contact the authors of the text on the Sauls of Stubbs Walden as I am researching them as well. I am not a Saul but I do live in Stubbs Walden.

    You may be interested to know that I found a document today in the West Yorkshire Archive of a 'Tenancy Agreement between Thomas Westby Esq of White Hall, Lancs, and John Saul of Stubbs Walden for a farm (with particulars) at 420 pounds annual rent'. Its dated 1819.

    It doesn't seem to fit with the known personalities or dates. Any ideas?


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    Hi Nick,

    The author of the article is John Amos. You can contact him through the Members List.


    Tim Soles

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